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Six Naked Dwarfs and Me

@ 10:49 PM (116 months, 7 days ago)

Six Reasons why I left the convent and sit here sore and lonely

staring at the hypnotizing rays of a computer monitor.

Need I go on?  Things couldn't have been any stranger or bleak as they are now.  No one but me could

imagine the loneliness of that godforsaken, milddewed, quasigothic nightmare I had been living in

nor the mind-crushing conversations of my peers.  Even now my ears ring like the unblissful

sounds of salvation army ringers and I gnaw my fingernails to the bones thinking of it.

Fortunately, heaven hears the woeful cries of its' own and what should I meet up with but the six

dwarfs recently hired to run the summer carnival.  I, as the youngest sister, was appointed as the

dwarfs keeper and was instructed to encourage their setting up of the carnival and ensuring that

they keep at their work and promote the spring carnival planned to assist us with the fattening

of our otherwise flaccid purses. In the beginning I thought this would be a tiresome and boring

assignment.  Little did I know that this simple task would lead to so many new experiences and open

new, strange avenues in a life that had been heretofor bereft of any joy.


Everything certainly started innocent enough - They were so helpful to me in the beginning.  Wolfie,

the lead dwarf was helping me iron veils one quiet afternoon and after bringing over a new basket

to fold decided to lie down on the rug.  I'm not sure what happened next but we ended up on the floor

- me on top - sitting on his face.  I mean it was absolute heaven - His darting dwarf tongue

enraptured my entire being - I need never bathe again - I am THAT clean.

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  3. I like this a lot. Six naked dwarves and me, too good as I stumble through the net looking for allthings carnival and dwarvish.:lol:

    Comment by CK— 2006/03/11 @ 03:30 PM — (Reply)

  4. OR you could buzz down to the local video store and rent a Sex in the City dvd and go from there.

    Comment by A Conservative Realist— 2006/03/11 @ 07:47 PM — (Reply)

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